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Resolving differences. Restoring relationships.

Peaceful communities are places where people want to live and work. They are secure places to raise children. They are cooperative places capable of great things. And they can only be built by people who understand how to communicate and resolve their differences. The Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan helps people weave a strong fabric of community that brings peace and joy to life.


We help people solve their differences peacefully and constructively, using the services of a trained mediator. This mediator brings both parties together for discussion, and together they create their own solution to the problem. We can help in nearly any type of situation, including landlord-tenant disputes, educational issues, parenting disputes, employee grievances, disagreements between neighbors, small claims issues, and many more. Scroll down… and explore the rest of our website to learn how mediation can help.

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The DRCWM reserves the right to decline cases it deems inappropriate for its services.