About the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan

The concept of a community resource for dispute resolution grew out of work done jointly by Calvin College and the Grand Rapids Community College Consortium in 1983. These organizations worked with the justice system, key agencies, and community leaders in the Grand Rapids area to create a vision for how disputes could be resolved outside of the courts. The Community Reconciliation Center was established in 1986. In 2005, we became the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan.

Our Board

Bill Franks


Elaine Isely


Craig Terpstra


Kathleen Teunis


Owen Curry


Alice Warner-Mehlhorn


Our Staff

Christine Gilman

Executive Director

Kailey Deurloo

Administrative Assistant

Gloria Anderson

Domestic and IEP Program Manager

Traci Alvarez

Domestic Program Manager

Peggy Janei

General Civil Program Manager

Marilyn Booker

Restorative Practices Program Manager

Nicole Fontanez

Restorative Practices Facilitator

Pam Johnson

Restorative Practices Facilitator

Tina Murua

Restorative Practices Trainer

Ellen Stroo

Restorative Practices Facilitator

Angela Walters

Restorative Practices Facilitator

Pam Zietse

Restorative Practices Facilitator